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Michael's Fence Company Natrona County
307-265-2157 for Fencing Materials

Our mission is to create a business that will enhance the lives and protect the properties and
businesses of others. We will do this by providing high quality material, expert installation, and
excellent service that gives our customers a feeling of satisfaction, security, pride, safety,
prestige, privacy, and a good investment.

Anyone who has contact with Michaels Fence & Supply, Inc., be they customers, potential
customers, suppliers, lenders, or employees, will have respect for the overall knowledge
and ability that we have.

When someone comes into contact with Michaels Fence & Supply, Inc., whether entering
our yard or office, encountering an employee, seeing our vehicles and equipment, or seeing
a fence that was installed by us, they will know that they are meeting and seeing the
exceptional quality that is held by few companies.

We will maintain an environment that is pleasing to the senses, hospitable, clean, and neat.
Everyone will be greeted in a friendly and professional manner that reflects and communicates
that we care about our community and want to provide a service of caring and understanding.

Our mission is to be true to our work and handshake, whether written or verbal. We will do this
by responding to our commitments with customers, potential customers, fellow employees,
suppliers, lenders, and all who come in contact with out organization in a timely fashion. Our
vision is to be a respected member of the community locally, statewide, and nationally, that is
looked upon as an honest, trustworthy, dependable, and reliable company. We are here to
serve our fellow man with the skills that we have to offer.

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